vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

Leather & Candy

Still alive, unlike our internet here. Been taking lots of pictures but can't really upload any of them, so you'll have to do good with a corny indoor outfit one. Hey, at least it's cold enough to wear leather skirts and such without looking like a S&M enthusiast. Anyways, I'll be answering all the emails next week, until then hold on to your socks dearies! And yeah, I meant for the shoe cream to be there. Art I tell you, pure art!

joi, 16 septembrie 2010

Repetitive Stillness

So far being on holiday is great, we had a few sunny days at the seaside. Nothing big happened, just a lot of dilated time, random cats, corny pictures and laziness. With every store closing down for autumn it felt like living at the end of the world, with everything moving at a much slower pace than in real life. Colors are having a big comeback in my life, been piling on every colorful thing I could find (accidentally came across a dress with an amazing etnic print). Tomorrow we're leaving again, two more weeks of lazy fun. Hope you're doing great and not feeling any autumn distress :)

marți, 7 septembrie 2010

Green Overdose

BSK jacket, TOPSHOP jeans and shirt, Target boots, H&M bag
Yeah, looking quite preggers in the photos (I'm not). Trying to stick with the photo diary thing, will be harder than expected. Anyways, today we're off to the seaside (TYPICALLY, it rains), a lil bit tired with all the traveling back and forth from Md. Hopefully the next time I blog both sides of my brain will be awake, not just my left one like today.
Have a lovely week darlings!
Zi Hatter

joi, 2 septembrie 2010

Demon Kitty Rag or This Is Goodbye (for Now)

Chances are this will be the last post before we go (but who knows, it seems I'm a compulsive blogger now) so I want to share one of my latest obsessions: Katzenjammer. YEAH. Just listen. They're sort of a female version of Gogol Bordello. To me they brought back such a rush of old memories, of long lost times (hence the first picture).
Long story short, have a wonderful September!

P.S: ne intoarcem in Octombrie.

Zara Collection Viewable Online

And for those of you lucky enough to live in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain and UK you can actually order online. Oh well, we can at least check it out and complain about the prices, just like I'm about to do now. While I am partial to some of their pieces (see below) it's quite annoying to see huge prices. I mean, who pays 359 RON for boots made out of artificial leather? And most of their clothing material are synthetic, so I honestly find no justification for paying well over 150 RON for most of them. They are cute tho...

Zara ofera, pentru o serie de tari, posibilitatea cumparaturilor online. Noi nu facem inca parte din acea categorie, motiv pentru care putem doar sa admiram colectia online si sa criticam preturile.

miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

Maybe It's Just Me...

But whenever I start packing for long trips I end up doing all sorts of retarded things other than the actual packing. Most of those things include trying on different pairs of shoes with different pairs of socks, trying on the clothes in my closet I'll probably never wear but keep because they're just so awesome, trying to organize my socks/bras/underwear pile and giving up right in the middle of it. As a bonus, this time I also took shots of today's outfit and cleaned the cat (yeah... she doesn't wash. At all.) All of this instead of the actual packing. I shall blame it on the weather - which has been kind of gloomy lately, wouldn't you say

This skirt has amazing details and colors

Looking at some photos I realize how much I'm starting to look like my mother. Back when she was young she had the same haircut and the face features are definitely similar. Genetics is just so wondrous.

I'll probably never wear this, but I love its volume, asymmetry and pattern. Plus, I feel like I've run away and joined the circus when wearing it. Don't ask why.

I love the over the knee socks/wedge combo but at the same time I get such an odd hookerish vibe from it.

Must clean floors... must clean floors...