miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

Maybe It's Just Me...

But whenever I start packing for long trips I end up doing all sorts of retarded things other than the actual packing. Most of those things include trying on different pairs of shoes with different pairs of socks, trying on the clothes in my closet I'll probably never wear but keep because they're just so awesome, trying to organize my socks/bras/underwear pile and giving up right in the middle of it. As a bonus, this time I also took shots of today's outfit and cleaned the cat (yeah... she doesn't wash. At all.) All of this instead of the actual packing. I shall blame it on the weather - which has been kind of gloomy lately, wouldn't you say

This skirt has amazing details and colors

Looking at some photos I realize how much I'm starting to look like my mother. Back when she was young she had the same haircut and the face features are definitely similar. Genetics is just so wondrous.

I'll probably never wear this, but I love its volume, asymmetry and pattern. Plus, I feel like I've run away and joined the circus when wearing it. Don't ask why.

I love the over the knee socks/wedge combo but at the same time I get such an odd hookerish vibe from it.

Must clean floors... must clean floors...

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Vintaggeria spunea...

Speaking of the haircut, it looks very very good :) I wanted to mention that in my last..intervention.
I also look like my mother freakishly much, but what kind of scares me lately (the past 2 years or so) is that I actually get the feeling i'm becoming her, having the exact same gestures, posture, mimic, tone of voice and so on. You would think resemblence of this sort is something only outside people notice, but I sometimes stop mid-explanation realising I move my hands in the exact same way or smth of sorts. Oh and we haven't been living in the same city for 5 years now.

Mad Hatter spunea...

Darling, we just can't escape DNA.
And in truth, it's not only about the looks. It's about the inside as well, starting with personality traits and ending with decision making in certain situations. Naturally, we won't be identical to our parents, but we'll definitely always hold a strong resemblance. And yeah, me and mom been living in different cities close to 9 years now. All in all, freaaaky :D