joi, 16 septembrie 2010

Repetitive Stillness

So far being on holiday is great, we had a few sunny days at the seaside. Nothing big happened, just a lot of dilated time, random cats, corny pictures and laziness. With every store closing down for autumn it felt like living at the end of the world, with everything moving at a much slower pace than in real life. Colors are having a big comeback in my life, been piling on every colorful thing I could find (accidentally came across a dress with an amazing etnic print). Tomorrow we're leaving again, two more weeks of lazy fun. Hope you're doing great and not feeling any autumn distress :)

3 comentarii:

ioana spunea...

ce-mi plac pozele!vacanta placuta in continuare :)

Vintaggeria spunea...

ohai, kitty! ohai, bf! :) have lots more colorful days!

madalina spunea...

minunate pozele! mi-e dor si mie de vacanta.