duminică, 25 iulie 2010


How hard is it for you to let go of stuff? The term 'hoarding' mainly refers to accumulation of objects, usually with little or no value, either emotional or economical. There's also a syndrome, called Diogenes and its main characteristic is hoarding things (sometimes even animals - the crazy cat lady thing). I'm forced by circumstances to get rid to a whole lot of my material possessions and I've decided to sell some of it. While taking pictures in order to list them I found it amazingly hard to let go. I have to be honest - a lot of the clothes I initially wanted to sell I'm keeping because I can't part with them. And truth be told it's quite probable I'll never wear them ever again. The flowery dress in the picture - I wore that only once but I can't imagine not owning it. I can't help it. In a way I believe this attachment we have with objects is a way of trying to cheat the passing of time. We still own that we owned when we were young, thus we must still be young. Sure, that is just a twisted logic our subconsciousness is using to avoid anxiousness, but who knows, maybe it works. On a similar note I find it amazing how most of us have a strong attachment to places. As a kid I lived in a number of cities, due to my father being in the military and I got a sense of restlessness that's been following me around as an adult. I find it hard living in the same place for long periods of time and being tied down by property is sort of distressing. Overall I can see quite a contradiction, maybe it's just compensatory.
Anywaysss, the flowery dress may not be for sale, but here's a preview of a few others which are.

Palarierul se lanseaza inexorabil in alta divagatie pe teme inutile, dar in rezumat, iata un preview al unor rochii ce vor fi disponibile pe blog. (rochia verde cu floricele din prima fotografie nu este disponibila)

vineri, 23 iulie 2010

Inspiration Baby!

Because of a purpose higher than fashion (yeah) I'm not going to shop for a while. But truth be told TOPSHOP is really making things hard, especially after releasing some of the A/W pieces. Topshop is delivering to Romania, so for those of you with a credit card, enjoy!

And last some vintage misogynism for you to enjoy!

miercuri, 21 iulie 2010


Pret initial 75 RON, pret nou 45 RON, detalii aici.

Pret initial 65 RON, pret nou 35 RON, detalii aici.
Preturi taiate pentru pantofi, impreuna cu promisiunea vaga ca ne mobilizam pentru o postare noua :)

joi, 15 iulie 2010

Enhancing Insanity

Mentally it's been a bad couple of days so I'm drowning my sorrow in mindless photo processing (and some of it quite bad, as you can notice). Truth is age brings perspective and this country kills it, hence the giant conflict of interest. And while I have no intention what so ever of spending my life time trapped here, I still have some time on my punch card in hell and I ain't making the best of it, I assure you. Yes, this may look like a rant, but these days I'll do a dubiously coherent post on how we're supposed to prescribe medication now to chronic ill mental patients and maybe you'll understand my frustration.

In other irrelevant news, I finally got one of my H&M dresses. And it's long. LONG I say (and size always matters, seriously). I already got picked on while wearing it, so I guess that's a good sign considering the country we live in, eh? Starting with 2011 H&M will be opening a store in Romania with perspectives for more, so let's all hold each others hand and wait impatiently to pay three times as much for their stuff. (and let's sing Kumbaya while we're at it).

How cute, I'm actually trying to strike a pose.

marți, 13 iulie 2010

If I Could Dream a Thousand Miles

Saboti din piele naturala
100% piele, interior exterior
Marime: 40 trecut pe talpa dar ar veni mai bine unui 39, eventual unui 40 ingust. Toc de 8 cm, calapod extrem de comod.
Stare: excelenta, fara semne de purtare la exterior, cu exceptia unei mici ciupituri in piele la sabotul stang (vedeti fotografiile de detaliu). Sabotii sunt produsi si achizitionati in Italia, fiind confectionati din piele de calitate superioara. Au talpa cusuta, fiind foarte rezistenti.
Pret 75 RON

duminică, 11 iulie 2010

Balenciaga Wanna Be

Sandale Poetic Licence London, inspirate de faimoasele sandale Balenciaga (ultimele 2 fotografii)
Marime 39-40
Material: 100% piele naturala, partea care se prinde in jurul gleznei a fost adaugata la cizmar si se poate indeparta.
Stare: foarte buna
Pret: licitatie in curs de desfasurare pe okazii.ro, pret de pornire 65 RON, click aici pentru a o accesa.

miercuri, 7 iulie 2010


I recently got this cat print tee although I'm not a fan of all over print. Blame it on Miu Miu if you will, with all their all over prints. Speaking of Miu Miu, I heard their collars run somewhere in the price range of hundreds of $, so I decided to make my own. I still need to attach some ribbon to it, but so far so good.
And yeah, I may be developing a mild obsession with the half torso/half face photos. I will seek therapy for that.

duminică, 4 iulie 2010

Two for the Road

Rochie polka dots Atmosphere
100% poliester
Marime 42 cu dimensiunile:
Lungime 90 cm
Bust maxim 100 cm
Talie sub sani 90 cm
Stare noua, cu mentiunea ca are un mic defect, vizibil in ultima fotografie. Se incheie cu nasturi imbracati in acelasi material. Fiind transparenta recomandam purtarea in straturi.
Pret 40 RON

Bluza asimetrica Etam
Marime 42 dar permite si alte masuri, in functie de cat de lejera doriti sa se aseze.
Lungime aproximativa din umar pana la tiv 55 cm
Stare: noua fara eticheta
Pret 35 RON