vineri, 2 iulie 2010

Hot Summer in Hell

Today is hot, the kind of hot that makes my cat sleep around as if she's dead, unresponsive to outside stimuli (that being me). As it happens I'm alone for the weekend and as much as I'd love to share my cat's attitude, it seems I cannot even sleep in this weather. So I'm digging around in my closet and posing stupidly in front of the camera. I hate self photos. I never get the timing right. Anyways, here's a few items I managed to snap before getting amazingly lazy. Who said mismatched sheets and laptops are not art?!

So first we have the black/blue animal print wrap around skirt. This is one of my thrift finds, the moment I saw it my mind said kitsch and my heart said love. True story.

Secondly we have the boxy black tee and the skirt I never wear. Not sure you can see but the skirt has some nice tailoring to it. I wonder why I never wear it.

Last we have another thrift find. I'm so in awe with the pattern of this dress, it looks painted on. Why would someone part with this?

Anyways, this is basically the end of my rant. As I have the whole weekend to myself and might be suffering from mild dehydration delirium do expect more updates.

Also, none of the items pictured are for sale, this post is just proof of my insanity.

Yours forever,

The Hatter

Nici un produs prezentat in acest post nu este de vanzare.

5 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

frumoasa fusta!

Mad Hatter spunea...

Thanks, inca nu imi dau seama de ce nu o port :)

Diana spunea...

mismatched sheets .... almost my favorite things in the world !!! :)

Verde Ursuz spunea...

pai si eu ma intreb de ce nu o porti. sper ca stii ca sunt multe fete dincolo de monitor, jinduind la fustita aia. si-mi place tare mult combinatia cu tricoul negru. :) deci ia s-o porti, nu-i pacat de ea sa nu iasa in lume?! :p

Mad Hatter spunea...

gata, s-a decis, am sa o port :D