joi, 15 iulie 2010

Enhancing Insanity

Mentally it's been a bad couple of days so I'm drowning my sorrow in mindless photo processing (and some of it quite bad, as you can notice). Truth is age brings perspective and this country kills it, hence the giant conflict of interest. And while I have no intention what so ever of spending my life time trapped here, I still have some time on my punch card in hell and I ain't making the best of it, I assure you. Yes, this may look like a rant, but these days I'll do a dubiously coherent post on how we're supposed to prescribe medication now to chronic ill mental patients and maybe you'll understand my frustration.

In other irrelevant news, I finally got one of my H&M dresses. And it's long. LONG I say (and size always matters, seriously). I already got picked on while wearing it, so I guess that's a good sign considering the country we live in, eh? Starting with 2011 H&M will be opening a store in Romania with perspectives for more, so let's all hold each others hand and wait impatiently to pay three times as much for their stuff. (and let's sing Kumbaya while we're at it).

How cute, I'm actually trying to strike a pose.

5 comentarii:

Mona spunea...

Foarte faina rochia! O vanez demult si, desi traiesc intr o tara cu H&M n am gasit o niciunde...hrrrr!

Mad Hatter spunea...

Momentan sunt pe ebay cateva, de obicei se vand cu 20-30 de euro. Am vazut chiar una superba, complet albastra, desi nu aparea in culoarea asta pe site-ul lor. Sincer ca si calitate nu sunt extraordinare, dar le poti considera ok

cosmofever spunea...

Doamne, Oana, este superbă! S-o porţi cu plăcere (I suspect you do:)

Alice in vintageland spunea...

It's so very cute, you look great in it; to bad I didn't find and of this dress variations during my trip,it's obvious it would have been long enough even for me.Other than that I totally agree with what you said about living here and everything else:).

Mad Hatter spunea...

multumesc Andreea, ma faci sa rosesc :)
Alice I know you get me :D