sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

Today's Outfit and More Coming Soon Stuff (part 3 is it?)

There's a very good reason for the long face and the unwashed hair featured in most pictures - this morning the laptop charger decided to die on us and we had to go all the way across town to buy another one. That on top of having to take pictures of a million more items and to actually measure all of them. Hooray. And no, that's not yummy yummy fruit flavored beer right there (if anyone knows how to do product placement then that's me). It's all in your head. But seriously, without promotiong anything here (unless they pay me, of course) that thing is surprinsingly good.
Long story short, here's the latest coming soon stuff:
In curand pe blog (in imaginile de mai jos)

Flori din alte timpuri

Pulovar oversized

Patratele verzi Ralph Lauren

Alte patratele

Pantaloni scurti din piele

Aproape cea mai lunga fusta din lume

Cea mai lunga fusta din lume

Corset cu buline din timpuri actuale

Portjartier din timpuri mai putin actuale

Haina din piele de oaie cu blana de oaie (cea mov din dreapta)

Ghete din piele lacuita Tod's marimea 37

Esarfa Guerlain Paris

2 comentarii:

Boheme.Fille spunea...

Pantalonii scurti din piele ce marime sunt si la ce pret?? Sper ca de data asta sa prind si eu ceva!

Mad Hatter spunea...

hey :)
un S/M, inca nu am ajuns sa ii masuram exact, 40 RON, impecabili