marți, 9 noiembrie 2010

Today's Outfit and More Coming Soon Stuff

Tamaris boots, beirutbazaar dress, TOPSHOP cardi, thrifted belt, H&M parka and Coach bag
So, are you getting sick of these titles? I know I am!
Here's today's outfit - the parka was a bit much as that cardigan is awfully warm and we're still getting extra sunny days. I was feeling slightly grunge hence the flowery dress paired with all the black. The belt is my favorite thing - a thrift find - made of real leather with peacock feathers on it. Just lovely. And yeah, I'm pretty aware there's a whole in my socks but I can't give them up - they're stay ups :D

In alta ordine de idei - in curand vom posta pe blog un costum original Cerruti 1881 din stofa de lana virgina si o rochie de seara anii 70 tesuta cu fir argintiu.

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Alice in vintageland spunea...

Ce fotografii frumoase si nu sunt asa doar datorita peisajului:)))). Love this outfit, the asymmetric cardigan is awesome (am si o vesta asa, dar imi sta cam ciudat, insa mi-ai dat o idee cum sa o fac sa arate mai bine pe mine), also love the dress and boots!:)