joi, 6 mai 2010

Adrenaline Rush

In quite an odd turn of events I got my greedy little paws on an awesome pair of skinnies from Cheap Monday (featured in the picture above) and a maxi dress that's actually long enough for me, also from Cheap Monday (I will do an outfit post soon, it's just too lovely to pass up).
Tomorrow we'll be posting a few items of clothing, be sure to check it out!

Sunt momente in care imi este greu sa accept ideea de 'adrenaline rush' pe care o dau cumparaturile. Dar astazi, dupa ce am achizitionat o pereche geniala de skinnies si o rochie maxi, ambele de la Cheap Monday, am avut din nou acea senzatie de multumire. Voi credeti in fericirea indusa de cumparaturi?
Apropo de cumparaturi, maine vom posta din nou cateva haine pentru vanzare. Clientele care s-au abonat au fost deja anuntate ora exacta a postarii.
O zi Formidabila!

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