sâmbătă, 25 iulie 2009

It's All About the Green Sox (Do Excuse the Inner Jokes)

Well, they are here. Obviously, I'm speaking oh the new and lovely Bronx wedges. As I promised, here's an outfit post, sort of lame because it was excruciating hot outside and neither me nor my sister were in shooting mood. Hell must feel cooler than this, I swear. They are very comfy, considering the high heel, but the leather is a tad stiff, so I had to wear them with socks so I wouldn't end up with a million blisters. They'll get more comfy with time, it's all good. One of our readers, Roxana, send in a link to a very cheap golden version, so if you are a size 5,6 or 8 (UK sizes) hurry up and get yours for 30 pounds right here.

Also, the jackets from the last four pictures will be soon available to buy - two of them are spot on the sailor theme, the other is a very feminine approach on the military jacket theme.

Wearing: Miss Sixty top, Atmosphere skirt/top/dress, Goldenpoint socks, Bronx wedge

Asa cum am promis, un outfit post cu sandalele Bronx. Datorita celor o mie de grade de afara nu am avut motivatia necesara sa depunem prea mult efort. Sandalele sunt foarte comfortabile, avand in vedere tocul inalt, singura problema ar fi pielea care este relativ rigida, motiv pentru care am purtat sosete. In timp vor deveni usor de purtat si fara sosete, yay. Una dintre cititoarele noastre, Roxana, a trimis un link catre o versiune aurie la pret redus a acestor sandale (multumim Roxana:)) Daca purtati marimea 38, 39 sau 41 si va doriti aceasta versiune, o puteti gasi aici. Sacourile din ultimele patru fotografii vor fi in curand disponibile pentru vanzare pe blog.

Outfit: top Miss Sixty, fusta/top/rochie Atmosphere, sosete Goldenpoint, sandale Bronx

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Alice in vintageland spunea...

Oh dear - perfection! What an outfit - imi plac sosetele verzi cu sandalele de vis - looking fabulous!:)

Alice in vintageland spunea...

... and I love the inner jokes...I might even suspect what the joke is about!:)- you know I'm a part time mind reader:)!