vineri, 14 octombrie 2011

Ugly Shoes I Like

Prada started it all

The classical TUK creepers

Dr Martens version of the creepers

Topshop released quite a bunch of models

All of my personalities know my attachment to all things ugly will never subside so it was no surprise one of the few purchases I made lately was a pair of - wait for it - creepers. Well, I am quite sure this is not politically correct but in my mind they have always been 'special people' shoes. Twisted, eh? Yes, that kind of special.
In all truth fashion magazines have been pushing this trend since last winter, when Prada released its colorful vision upon the world. Most of them look like the fat lovechild of a pair of brogues and a pair of creepers but who's judging? Can't get uglier than this.
And while the classical creepers have been around for ages they are definitely not limited to the goth kids playground anymore.
I played it safe and got the pale pink low platform ones from Topshop, secretly hoping they will pass for serious people shoes.

This chick looks freakishly amazing, although I cannot help myself from thinking ''retarded chic'' every time I look at this picture. It's the damn creepers, I tell ya.

4 comentarii:

grauritza spunea...

Well,it ain't so least you're not in love with some spiked loafers like I can always be worse>:)

Mad Hatter spunea...

I know said spiked loafers, have been eyeballing them myself for a while. But my, those would not and could not pass for serious people shoes :P

BiancaF spunea...

am procedat la fel, multumesc ! o seara frumoasa !

SMLXL spunea...

Fuck"serious people shoes" ! Cine spune care sunt standardele? Adicatelea daca porti papuci cu tepi nu o sa poti diagnostica corect o afectiune sau nu o sa poti discuta inteligent cu un client? M-am cam saturat de categorisirile astea si am de gand sa ripostez:)). De acum incolo doar papuci politically incorrect!!!! Am zis!!