vineri, 13 august 2010

Hottest Day of the Year & a Peak at My Closet

This was - and is - quite a hot day. Body and mind melt all together, especially at 40 degrees Celsius. So I'm blaming it on the weather (and possible on Friday the 13th) but today I shopped again. Oddly encouraged by the Bf I got the floppy hat of my dreams. I used to be in love with the one from American Apparel but truth be told I've always found 44 euros plus shipping to be a little steep for my taste. So when I found the one from Stradivarius at 99 RON ($30) I couldn't say no. I can't wait to wear it with one of the H&M maxi dresses. I also caved in and bought two shirts from Bershka (same model, different colors). They have that perfect light cut and seeing how they're a mix of cotton and viscose they were a steal at 20 RON each!
When I got back home, feeling a tad guilty I started to organize my closet (it's all about compensation). I noticed that in spite of having a huge pile of clothes during summer I use only a few, mainly tees, skirts and shorts. I've noticed that besides dressing like a 16 year old I also have gone back to my excessive use of tees.

Probabil datorita celor 40 de grade de afara (sau datorita fatidicului Vineri 13) astazi am clacat emotional si am facut cateva cumparaturi. In sfarsit obsesia palariei cu boruri mari s-a finalizat prin achizitia unei palarii Stradivarius. Dupa ce am fost indragostita, luni de-a randul, de varianta American Apparel (dar a carei pret de 44 de euro plus transport m-a tinut la distanta) am ales sa dau doar 99 de RON pentru cea Stradivarius. Tot pretul mic m-a convins sa cumpar si doua camasi fluide Bershka (20 RON).
Acasa am inceput sa reorganizez hainele din dulap, probabil incercand sa compensez pentru recentele cumparaturi. Cu acesta ocazie am observat ca din numarul imens de haine detinute in timpul verii port excesiv de putine, in special fuste, pantaloni scurti si tricouri. In plus m-am reintors la obesia tricourilor (pentru entuziasmate recomand Threadless, sursa mea de tricouri de mai bine de 6 ani)

Bring on the maxi dresses!

These two are summer perfect, so light and breezy.

The freaky bunny shirt, gift from my sister

Old thrift, I love the minty color

Original 1981 Rolling Stones tee

One of the first Threadless tee I got

Also Threadless, part of my freaky collection

Printed or plaid shorts = perfection

None of my skirts are ever ironed

3 comentarii:

cosmofever spunea...

ahhh ce frumoase sunt camasile! le-ai luat recent?

Mad Hatter spunea...

Chiar vineri, erau inghesuite intr-un colt la reduceri, banuiesc ca sunt dintr-un sezon mult uitat :P
Dar iti spun, they're awesome, merita un raid prin Bershka.

Oana Roxana spunea...

Subscriu.Camasile sunt super. Sa le porti sanatoasa si cu placere! ;)