luni, 14 iunie 2010

Vicious Morning Haze

I can never stretch enough how much I love constructed photography. Maybe it was because I never had the means to make any of my ideas come to life or maybe because reality is never enough I get cold thrills every time I discover a new artist. And hell, is Lissy Elle an artist.

All photography Lissy Elle
Fun psychiatry fact: most creative energies may be considered, at some point, signs of a mental disorder.

3 comentarii:

Mia Serena spunea...

I digg this concept. Maybe you know Kelly Haigh's drawing, I'm kinda fascinated


Paula from spunea...

Only one word comes to my mind - WOW ! These photos are just ... AWESOME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC ! and definitely, you should try to make your ideas come to life ! then someone will discover you ! :D

would you like to visit my site ?
and please, give my some advice a propos photos ...

Melissa spunea...

About your fact, it makes much sense.

Feel free to peak at my blog if you like.